U.S. Military Fighting Knives



1. This is a wood handled Australian Army Stiletto made by Gregsteel Steel Products.

2.  This is an AAS that has been chrome plated.  Although unmarked, this AAS is made by Whittingslowe as it has the handle that was cast in the Whittingslowe mould.  Whittingslowe and Gregsteel had their own handle moulds, which were not the same.  The general accepted theory amongst collectors is that someone 'chrome' plated such knives for post war presentation.


I purchased a total of 6 of these unused AAS sheaths from the estate of a long-time collector/dealer.  The rectangular sheaths are unmarked.  The other sheaths are stamped "R.G. Brown 1943 D^D".


1.  According to "Special Operations Australia, Australia's Secret War in the Pacific" in a 1943 ordnance memorandum:  1.  This knife was recently introduced into the Service for special purposes.  It consists of a 4 1/2 in. blade riveted to either a brass or Mazak knuckleduster grip.  Finger holes are all of the same size to enable the knife to be used for upward or downward stab.  2.  Limited quantities are available for operational areas for the purpose of special patrols or close fighting operations.

This knife has the brass grip.

2.  This is a rare fighting knife with the aluminum knuckle.  According to a previous owner, it is unknown if these knives were made in the India/Burma theater of the war.  The scabbard is well marked by its owner who obviously served in the 53 commando ("Royal Navy 8 and 53 Commando").

3.  This is a 3 point knuckle knife with the aluminum handle and the "C" guard.  It is unmarked.

4. This is a also a 3 point knuckle knife with the aluminum handle and the "C" guard. It is unmarked but includes a sheath.



1.  East Bros. 

Here are some photos of an East Bros. Utility knife that I acquired from a Japanese collector a few years ago. The gentleman stated that he found this knife in a footlocker that belonged to an officer that had served in occupied Japan and that the East Bros. was still wrapped in the green oil cloth. The knife and sheath are in new condition. The knife does not have the "US 1944" stamped on the guard.


2.  EAST BROS with guard stamped "US 1944"

3.  The WHITTINGSLOWE with the guard stamped "WHITTINGSLOWE US 1944" is one of the most difficult to acquire.

WHITTINGSLOWE US 1944 guard stamping.


GREGSTEEL 1944 blade stamping.


This is a rare AAUK that is stamped very lightly "Gregsteel Melbourne". The handle is lightly stamped with the broad arrow and "I". The light and partial blade stampings are common on Gregsteel AAUK's. The Trathen 1943 sheath is included.

6.  WHITTINGSLOWE, blade stamped WE, guard stamped with broad arrow & "I".  Includes a unique sheath with the front dyed green and a foldover belt loop.


One of the rarest of the utility knives, this BARKER is sterile except for the broad arrow and "O" on the handle.  Another collecter has indicated that the BARKER blade markings were sometimes etched with the etching quickly wearing off.


Below are some AAUK sheath variations.

This Trathen 1943 sheath has an attractive "green" pebble grain leather finish.

This sheath has a bronze colored pebble grain leather finish.  The backside of this sheath is fully finished as comparted to the "green" sheath above, whose backside is not fully finished.

This sheath has a brown colored "lined" leather finish and 7 rivets.  The only marking is the broad arrow and "S".

This leather sheath is a 7 rivet 1944 Trathen.

This is a Trathen 1943 with an olive brown leather finish.

This unique AAUK sheath has a pebble grained green blade pocket with the belt look finished in brown leather.  It also has a foldover belt loop secured with a steel stud.


1.  This machete has "USAAF" stamped on the handle with the veteran's name "Stonelake", VPB-33, crew #9 on the sheath.

2.  This machete is sterile.

3.  This machete is stamped "EAST BROS".


1.  This is a seldom seen Marsden V44 that is marked on the underside of the guard.




2.  This Aussie V44's blade has a grey parkerized finish and is stamped "HS". The guard has the broad arrow stamp on the edge of the guard. The guard is also stamped "NZ" on the handle side. The handle is hardwood. The sheath is stamped "Australia July 1944" on the back. The "NZ" on the guard  could be New Zealand.

Broad arrow on guard.

NZ on the guard.

3.  This Aussie V44 is marked only with the broad arrow and "W".

Broad arrow and "W" on guard.

4.  This V44 is one of many variations with wooden handles.

5.  This V44 has a thicker guard and steel handle rivets.  It displays what is know as "Kilroyese" on the handle.  "Kilroyese" is derived from the mysterious "Kilroy was here" which would appear on the walls of different theaters of operation.  These are not real Japanese characters, but fake writing likely done by GI's and more than a few Aussies as well.  This information courtesy of a Australian collector friend.

6.  This V44 is unmarked.

7.  This is a very rare V44 that is etched on the blade "USA GREGSTEEL AF, MADE IN AUSTRALIA".  The wood handle has been replaced with horn.  The sheath came with the knive, but may not be original.

The etching on the blade "USA GREGSTEEL AF, MADE IN AUSTRALIA", 
although the etching is hard to see.

8.  Based on the blade and the wooden handle, I believe this to be Australian made.

9.  The Chindits were the most impressive V44's with their large nickel guards and grooved handles.  They also had a unique sheath with pebble grain leather.  This Chindit has the wood handle. The Chindits are difficult to find in any condition.

10.  This Chindit has the horn handle.


11.  Patterned after the V44, this large knife was either a Carlson Marine Raider "Gung Ho" knife or made for the Royal New Zealand Air Force.

12.  Commonly referred to as a "See Though Handle" knife, these are the 6 inch and 7 inch blade versions.


1.  Brass pommel.

2.  Die-cast, probably Mazak pommel.

Sheath markings.


1.  TUI Regd

2.  NZ CUTLERS Co AUCKLAND, rare blue blade, RNZAF 22 B/N28 sheath.


4.  NZ CUTLERS Co AUCKLAND Knuckle Knife

5.  NZ Knuckle Knife with parkerized double-edged blade and heavy duty sheath.

6.  NZ Knuckle Knife, parkerized double edge blade stamped "AKE REGD".

7.  AUSSIE Knuckle with cut-down US Hospital Corps sheath.

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